Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Pre-K (4-5) Year Olds

The 4-5 year old Pre-K  program aims to give rising Kindergarteners a head start so that their transition into Kindergarten is a smooth one and they will be more than prepared. In addition to our thematic curriculum children work on classroom habits, skills and character development, phonics and reading, writing, numbers, language development, music, and fine/gross motor skills. We continue to develop their Spanish speaking skills. Parents love witnessing their kids first graduation ceremony!  It gives us great pleasure to have returning graduates visit us with their parents and hear about how well they are succeeding in Kindergarten thanks to our program.  A nutritious morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are included to keep your child energetic and healthy.

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Every year we strive  to share the first memorable graduation celebration your child and family will have.  We love celebrating with mom, dad, siblings, grandma and grandpa, aunts, uncles. After all, it takes a community to help raise our children.