Preschool June Newsletter



Congratulations to our 2012 graduates!  We are so proud of you and look forward to your graduation party June 15th @ 3pm.  Families are welcome to join in the celebration.  We have no doubt that they will thrive as Kindergarteners in their new school. 


$150 Summer activity fee is due by June 5th.  Our day care is very excited about all the summer program has to offer…Waterplay, food exploration, thematic art activities, and special visitors.  The fee helps pay for all of these and a special surprise once your payment is recieved.  We need to pay  our summer guests in advance so we are depending on you to make a timely payment please. Please be aware that we are a small business and we need your support!  We are doing our best to provide you with quality care at low costs but late payments make that difficult. Gracias!

Our Visitor for Summer Program 2012

June 21: Moon Bounce*****     July 27: Mad Science
June 29: VA Living Museum****     Aug. 3: Magician
July 5: Picnic/Parade*****     Aug.10: Balloon Guy
July 13: Wildlife Show*****     Aug. 17: Pet Show
July 20: Spitzer Entertainment****

Aug. 24: This is career week! We would appreciate if you or other family members would be our visitors and come share your career with the kids…all careers welcome!


We will prevent dehydration by providing water for the children while outdoors.  We will also alternate by giving them crushed ice, and popsicles to stay refreshed.  We look forward to popsicle donations and the children love this treat. 
Thank you in advance for your thoughtfullness!