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2 year old Program

The two year old program focuses on developing their new found independence.  We work on their social skills, language, introducing to structure, & basic learning skills such as counting, colors, shapes, music, story time.  We help them perfect self help skills and assist with potty training when the child shows interest.  We also work individually helping them reach developmental milestones appropriate for their age.  A nutritious morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are included to keep your child energetic and healthy.



(Diaper checks are done on an hourly basis and changed as needed)

7:00-8:30am       Free Choice

8:30-9:00am       Morning Snack

9:00-9:15am       Circle Time

9:15-10:15 am    Playground/Sensory Table

10:15-11:30am   Art/Music

11:30-12:00pm   Lunch

12:00-2:00pm     Nap

2:15-3:00pm       Manipulatives

3:00-3:30pm       PM Snack

3:30-4:15pm       Blocks/Interactive Play

4:15-5:00pm       Playground

5:00-6:00pm       Manipulatives/Library/Departure

(Daily schedule varies as needed based on children’s interests & needs)