Our Programs

At Children’s Learning Paradise we guide children in achieving developmental milestones while enabling them to learn a second language and help preserve the Spanish language and cultural heritage of native Spanish speakers. Our teachers speak fluent Spanish with our children the majority of the academic morning.  We sing songs in Spanish and parents often want to attend so they too can join in the fun of learning a second language!

Nutritious Meals

We provide USDA approved morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.  At least once a week the lunch menu contains a homemade cultural dish representing Hispanic heritage.  On many occasions parents have even requested our recipes!

Daily Activity Reports   

On a daily basis we give infant, toddler, and two year old’s family written highlights about their individual child’s day, include childcare notes from teachers and any memorable moments.  We make a big effort to keep parents informed of the day so that they don’t miss out on anything.  For older children we post a class letter vs. individual reports and have teachers available to answer questions.

Family Teacher Conferences

On a daily basis our teachers share about each child’s day and twice a year teachers are available to share your child’s portfolio of work including writing samples, art projects and overall progress upon your request.

Open Door Policy       

We know that sometimes things happen and we understand. That’s why our open door policy allows parents to pick-up & drop off as needed within our hours of operation.  If ever a concern arises we are available to discuss it immediately.  We believe that open communication and teachers and families working together towards the same goal will make our childcare environment brighter.

We do require visitors to show identification and register in our visitor log

Infant/Toddler Program

We know that choosing a child’s first school can be quite frightening.  Beginning at 6 weeks old we nurture and care for infants as if they were our own kids!  We hug and hold them to let them know we are there and they can trust us with their needs. We want you to have …

2 year old Program

The two year old program focuses on developing their new found independence.  We work on their social skills, language, introducing to structure, & basic learning skills such as counting, colors, shapes, music, story time.  We help them perfect self help skills and assist with potty training when the child shows interest.  We also work individually …

Preschool 3yr old Program

The preschool program is taught through a portion of the Abeka curriculum and focuses on more academic readiness skills such as counting, number & letter recognition, reading and writing readiness, music, and fine/gross motor skills.  Lessons are supplemented with extra activities based on each child’s developmental needs. A nutritious morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack …

Pre-K (4-5 year old) Program

The 4-5 year old program aims to give rising Kindergarteners a head start so that their transition into Kindergarten is a smooth one and they will be more than prepared. In addition to our thematic curriculum children work on classroom habits, skills and character development, phonics and reading, writing, numbers, language development, music, and fine/gross …

Before and/or After School Program

Children in this program attend either before school and/ or after school. CLP does not provide transportation, however we are zoned for Linkhorn Park Elementary so they do transport to and from our preschool. The children receive an afternoon snack and we offer a variety of structured and free choice activities. Our childcare is also available for teacher work …


Summer Program

¡Un Verano Divertido!  Come join us for a summer of fun! The fiesta begins in June, and runs through August.  Your child will learn Spanish while engaging in theme-based weekly activities! This summer our children will be taking a journey to explore 8 Spanish-speaking countries from around the world. Their imaginary trips will give them the …